Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Net Neutrality? Everythings Coming Up Roses!!! (or so they say)

Ya know, I get spooked real quickly when government entities make their long awaited decisions on ANYTHING and have a collaborative picture that looks like this.

Take a look after the jump at what our Government has put forth as their benevolent policy going forward. (click here on the government approved jump)

And please, comment and tell us your thoughts of what today's outcome means.


Nelson said...

The FCC makes me nervous anytime they make a decision in favor of the public. I'm glad to see that they're trying to reel in the Comcast's of the world, and not allow them to block their competition from their users on the internet. This is a huge deal, as that would allow them to block Netflix streaming service to Comcast customers. ISP providers are nothing more than the on-ramp to the internet and should not be controlling ANY content going to their customers!!!

Fred said...

Yes, as a Netflix and Xfinity user I'm happy; but knowing the government and corporations as we all do, we're often times talking about knowing both sides of the same coin.

I optimistically hope you are correct and we don't get royally screwed anyway.