Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is Comcast Already Undermining Net Neutrality?

Comcast has plenty of reasons to not like Netflix's popular streaming service. Not only does it compete with Comcast's own video on demand services, but it does so using Comcast's internet services. But them charging an extra toll for delivering Netflix doesn't seem right.

Unfortunately, that's just what they're doing. Level 3 Communications, which helps deliver Netflix's streaming movies, has been hit with a new toll for delivering streaming video content. Essentially, this goes against the idea of net neutrality, allowing for an ISP like Comcast to favor its own content over that of another website or provider.

It's certainly a lousy precedent to set! Hopefully net neutrality will be come law soon to nip this sort of nastiness in the bud.

Read the whole article here at the NY Times.

[NY Times via Dvice]

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Nelson said...

This is the first step in blocking Net Neutrality and if this is allowed, it will open up the door for many corporations to do the same. Not enough people are in an uproar about this because they might not understand how bad this really is or how it will effect them.

Comcast.. Xfinity... Or whatever they're calling themselves this week need to be stopped.

Hello FCC!!! Stop worrying about wardrobe malfunctions and deal with something serious!!! LIKE THIS!!!