Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Dipr Makes Cookie Dunking Easy

Invented by Bobby and Julie Haleluk, The dipr is a nifty gadget that makes dunking cookies in milk a breeze. Simply slide a cookie onto the hook, dunk it in milk, and you're ready to snack. More information. Video after the break.

At this point, production of the dipr is still in the fundraising stage, but if you contribute over on Bobby and Julie's Kickstarter page, you can help them meet their $10,000 goal to produce the first batch of diprs.

[Technabob via TechBlog]

Personally, I’d probably come to your house and punch you in the gut if I ever found out you owned one of these.  I might punch you lightly if you only purchased it for your kids though. 


Fred said...

Whoa, for a moment there I thought the guy was going all "Beautiful Mind" with his schismatics there.. LOL

Jaden Fluker said...

That's cool!