Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Wars Series To Be Released In 3D (WTF?)

In a story that gets put in the "what the hell" bucket, George Lucas has continued to find new ways to whore out the same product. Behind the announcement of the release of all Star Wars movies in Blu Ray in 2011, now comes the news that starting in 2012 the franchise will be re-released in theaters in 3D. Lucas has said that starting with "The Phantom Menace" he will release one movie per year in 3D, ending with "Return of the Jedi" in 2017. The reason for the year long gap is said to be that it takes that long to take an existing 2D movie and 3D it up.

Now I know that I've gone on record on how I feel about George Lucas finding new ways to get you to buy the same movies over and over again. And with the announcement of the series being released on Blu Ray was just another example of how greedy and uncreative Lucas can be. But putting all 6 movies back into theaters just because 3D is all the rage takes a loved movie series and completely degrades it. You don't see Francis Ford Coppola racing back to remake "The Godfather" in 3D.

So why would you cheapen the Star Wars legacy in such a way?




Fred said...

I don't think it's a fair comparison to take the Godfather and Star Wars and compare them from a "which one would be more exciting from a 3D perspective". Still I totally get where you're coming from.

I think the only reason this is happening is because there is money to be made.

In the end I know I'll fork over the dough to go see it; But I won't buy it for myself.

Nelson said...

I know what you're saying. My point is that classics shouldn't be "gimmicked" up and sent back to the theaters. I view Star Wars as such a classic, and shouldn't be just pimped out at every opportunity possible. Of course The Godfather wouldn't be that interesting in 3D, but I wouldn't want to see The Matrix in 3D, and I know that would look interesting. But the original picture was designed as a 2D movie, and it should stay in its classic form.

Fred said...

I agree with you about appreciating the movies the way they were. If I could chose any way to watch "A New Hope", it would be the original version. I don't think it can get any more magical than that version.

What really ticks me off is when they do things like they did in the re-release of ET a while back. For what I heard they digitally removed all the guns and replaced them with walkie talkies.

I refused to go see that.

Nelson said...

"For what I heard they digitally removed all the guns and replaced them with walkie talkies."

This is true..... Spielberg didn't want the kids to get the wrong idea, so he had that changed. Look, if guns were fine during the first run of the movie.... DON'T CHANGE IT!!! said...

Greedy, perhaps. Uncreative, no. He's got creative ways of remaining Greedo... I mean greedy.

I'll be happily contributing to this greed fund - a trust fund for his kids, I hope. I saw his son in the making of Phantom Menace, and he didn't seem to have much natural talent. So I'll toss a few $ his way for his old man's sake.

Of course you can vote with your dollars and keep your VHS copies of the originals for further viewing. That Star Wars Legacy must be looking pretty cheap while you're adjusting the tracking.

Fred said...


Nelson said...

It's like remixing the same old ass song 6 times, with the hopes that it will sound new. Look I know that he will make money doing this, as that goes without saying. And it's his right to be Greedo...... BUT IT'S THE SAME MOVIES!!!

There are so many new stories in the Star Wars universe that he could tell (take a look at the book series). All I'm saying is stop being lazy and do something fresh.

And he already got me with the DVD collection Michael, so there won't be any tracking adjustments.