Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Xbox 360 Controller Gets A New Look

It seems that Microsoft is in a hardware tweaking mode as after making recent design change to the Xbox 360, now there's been a change to the controller. The new 360 controller has a very low profile change to it, with a unique patented D-Pad that raises up a quarter inch when rotated 90 degrees. It's said to provide better control of the D-Pad, which will be a welcome change for first person shooter action gamers. The bottom triggers are said to be more comfier, and the overall design is more of a silvery shinny look.

Now the bad news.......

It will only be available with a $65 play and charge bundle pack due out November 9th. Instead of bundling this with the new Xbox 360 or selling it separately for $45, Microsoft is trying to force gamers too opt for a marginally improved controller at a premium price. The Xbox 360 by far has the best controller of any console sold today (And yes, I'm including the Wii people), and the original Xbox 360 controller is still good even without the new changes. I'm not so sure that the minor moves that were done to the controller would warrant spending premium coin for it.

So with that Microsoft..... The changes are welcome..... The price point is not!!!

Thanks to [Gizmodo] for this.

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