Monday, July 19, 2010

These Are The Droids You're Looking For.... Droid X Gets Reviewed.

With the release of the Droid X into the wild, I was waiting for a hands on review from one of our tech heads. Well Matt was the first to pick one up, and it looks like he's in love.

Check his bullet points:


- I like the larger display. Really makes it all flow nicely. I like what I’ve seen on the display as well

- 512 MB of internal memory. With the app to kill apps so accessible, it’s really nice

- Complete integration into social apps. Facebook contacts populate your regular ones and add photos, etc. Twitter as well. Means one stop for all messaging

- Really fast. It may have been my regular iPhone 3G but there were lots of delays, slowness, etc. For instance the Facebook app is a screamer

- 8mp camera with natural zoom takes a good quality photo. The videos are sick!

- Apps cover a lot of missed ground. DoubleTwist will sync up my iTunes playlists (minus the old protected DRM songs) to my phone. Means I take my music with me still

- The App store on the phone is very much like the iPhone store. I never used the iTunes store on my PC to shop so it doesn’t affect me

- The slew of Google apps that come along are geeky, fun

- Battery life even on 3G all the time (no ability to turn off) is really good. I used it all day browsing web, apps, store, etc. and took it down to about 20%

- The accessories. The home media dock is slick. HDMI connection to TV, plugging in drops it to Alarm clock mode and modifies the apps directly accessible. The car dock turns it automatically into GPS mode, with Google navigation and music being presented.

- Able to directly upload photos from Camera app to other apps, which I haven’t seen happen in iPhones

- Swype input method is pretty f’ing awesome. And the large virtual keyboard is really nice


- Android isn’t quite as polished right now as the iOS. I expected that, though. It’s still to me a step beyond BB and is only a half-step or so behind the iPhone.

- Some more manual management of apps. Which is somewhat like it is in the iPhone now that there is multi-tasking

- Apps don’t work with all phones because there are different platforms/OS versions. Being a new device I don’t have that problem, though

- No Chase app. Though mobile Chase is a pretty decent website.

Overall I’m very happy. I got into this knowing that it wouldn’t be what I had with the iPhone but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what it truly is. And the fact that I’ll get the Froyo OS next month (with Flash!) I couldn’t be happier.

It is a learning curve, though.

Via Matt Carstensen

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