Friday, April 2, 2010

Rumor Alert: Two New iPhones This Year?... One For Verizon?

Here is one of the most credible iPhone rumors that Verizon customers may be interested in. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in the process of developing two new iPhones for release this year. The summer release of the iPhone 4.0 isn't a shock to anyone, but a new iPhone that runs on CDMA— which is Verizon and Sprint's network of choice is said to be set for release later in the year.

This change in plan is said to be because Apple realized Verizon's upgrade to LTE (4G Network) would take longer than expected. Previously Apple was set to release their 4G LTE iPhone to Verizon next year, but delays have set that plan back.

This seems to be good news to Verizon customers who have been waiting for the iPhone, and better news to AT&T customers who love the iPhone but want to jump ship to better service. Of course this is still just a rumor, but it at least is coming from a credible source.


1 comment: said...

I now think the holdout from Verizon is due to lack of multitasking. 4G will allow this and let me get my first iPhone.