Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Intros........ Nice!!!

When you mention the name Windows Mobile (doesn't matter what number) you usually get the eye roll from most smartphone enthusiast. Microsoft to say the least has had some trouble keeping up with the Android's, Nexus One's, and iPhones of the mobile world, so it goes without saying that most experts have written off the Windows Mobile line.

That may have to be rethought in light of the introduction of Windows Phone 7!!!

Microsoft is taking a different approach than most mobile failures, as not trying to duplicate what the iPhone does. Instead they have managed to make the iPhone seem old, tired, and nothing more than a color Palm Pilot, which is a great feat. In terms of technical and graphical aspects, this phone has the goods.

Check out the video....... This may be a game changer.

Update: Thanks to insanecrane for the newer and better video!!!

[Mobile Crunch]


Malcolm said...

I never had a problem with Windows Mobile. I had the AT&T Tilt for a month and I loved the OS, even was able to add a new skin that I liked. Plus I had always used it with my Blackjack. The only reason I took the Tilt back was that I hated the keyboard feel and that it was a little bulky. I hope M$ can manage to avoid the stigma that their name seems to always put on something. I think the Windows 7 name may help out.

insanecrane said...

Jess Perreca Jr said...

Well I honestly have to say being in the corporate world I have had many windows mobile based phones but since getting the Droid, I will never go back. I seriously love my android phone.