Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fourth-Gen iPhone Due Out In April?

I love iPhone rumors!!!

Especially the ones that may be true.

If the latest one is true, we could be looking at the fourth generation iPhone as soon as April. Korea Times is reporting that Apple is looking to launch the new version of the iPhone as soon as possible. This might be in response to the new competition from Verizon's Droid and the upcoming Google phone Nexus One. Typically Apple has set the launch date for iPhones at mid July, but with the introduction of newer (and some that are better) smart phones hitting on the market, it might be forcing their hand early.

Rumor has it that this latest version of the iPhone will bring more sweeping changes, such as a dual core processor (multi-tasking anyone?), OLED screens, a removable battery, 5-megapixel camera with flash, and a live video chat. These type of changes would seem to be on par with how Apple typically does business, alternating one year between hardware changes and another year for mainly software changes.

Here is to hoping that these rumors are true!!!


1 comment: said...

It might have a touch-sensitive case, too. The only rumor I care about is Verizon compatibility. I'll wait in line with the other jokers if this happens.