Saturday, January 30, 2010

Childhood memories coming back to life

Remember the BigTrak? It was a six-wheeled toy with built-in memory that allowed you to program various moves – forward, back, left – and then play them back. If you’re thinking to yourself “What fun is that?” then you were probably born after 1980 and expect all your toys to have native intelligence. Back when us kids were kids, this kind of stuff stuff was high tech considering most of us had little more than rocks and sticks during the Carter administration.
Anyway, it’s coming back. It will be called the BigTrack Jr. and will let you program and store up to 32 programs. It will cost about $40 and you can even add a digital camera and rocket launcher attachment for $20 each. It should be available later this year.

I want one of these so bad because my parents would never get me one when I was little.

[via CrunchGear via Pocket-lint]

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I wish I could describe how badly I wanted one of these when I was a kid. Part of it was assembled (I think the keypad) near where I grew up which made it all the more painful. I've heard of folks programming it to retrieve beer from a fridge...