Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How To Quit A Job...... If You're A Jerk!!!

There's a good chance that this guy isn't going to get a letter of reference, as this developer came up with a unique way of quitting. Got to give it to him, as there are not to many people who would go through the trouble of creating a Mac OS X app just to give his former employer the finger.

Check the quote:

"He believed he was in a temp-to-hire position, and after three months of extra hours and butt-kissing, turns out it's just a temp position. He was a good worker too. I'd have recommended him. Too bad he burned his bridges... Obviously he had contemplated quitting long enough to make this thing, but still refused to speak to anyone about his feelings. Ironically, he complained about the 'divas' at his last job."

Well at least he can say that he quit with style!!!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, as a former employee/software tester I've run into a few "Easter Eggs" that were HIGHLY inappropriate. Some even vulgar and either condescending to the consumer; or just deliberately pissy to the employer (every time put into a build to be tested after the developer left)

I could tell you more; but then I'd have to kill you. LOL

Non-disclosure agreements are funny that way. :)