Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OK, what is this??? Frivolous lawsuit week?

C’mon, seriously???

Apple Inc., a leading purveyor of premium mobile electronics and maker of the wildly successful iPhones and iPods, has shown itself to be very aggressive in attacking other firms that dare use trademarks containing apple fruit.  A while ago, it sued the city of New York for using an apple for a logo on one of the city's green projects.

Now Apple has filed an equally perplexing trademark complaint against Woolworths, Australia's largest retailer.  Woolworths innocently redesigned their logo in the shape of a 'W' that also looked like a piece of produce.  That turned out to be a potentially costly mistake as Apple's legal team quickly seized on the fact that the company's green logo bore a faint resemblance to an apple fruit.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy! I imagine they must have a Rat Bastard department where the pettiest of sonsofbitches sit around looking for frivolous stupid things to jump on. Really stupid!