Friday, August 7, 2009

HDTV Retailers Try To Trick You With Lighting…. Rat Bastards!!!

Looking for and actually buying a HDTV can be a very tricky and costly process. What is worse is that some of the retail stores that sell them have complicated the process by adding their own lighting to fool you. A retail stores lighting could be as high as 50% more than the average home lighting. This gives some lesser HDTV the illusion that the set is clearer and brighter than it really is. Most HDTV consumers make their decision on how bright the set is, so seeing the set in a store could be misleading. Sometimes buying the more expensive set may be the better option for a variety of reasons, including picture and reliability.

Well HD-Guru gives you some of the reasons (and how to combat them) why the retailers would try to pull the wool over your eyes.

I write this story with a little disclaimer………I may be a little bitter with HDTV retail stores right now considering my TV has been in the shop for repairs for over 4 weeks!!!

Warranties be damned!!!



Anonymous said...

Four weeks, that's just no good!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add that Nelson made infamous the term "Rat Bastards" way back in high School (if not earlier; but I can only vouch for Freshman Year when we were 14)

Yes, it was the term "Rat Bastards" which entered the lexicon with an energy not unlike the word "criminal" or "socialist" has in today's charged idiosphere.

And remember kids... it's those same Rat Bastards... ahem, I mean Republicans who throw around the word "Socialist" like it's evil, while most claim to worship this Jesus guy, who was easily the most socialist dude of his time.

Those rat bastards just don't understand...

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