Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worst Game Ports Ever!

Street Fighter II port on the C-64. What were they thinking?!?!
We all have played them, great games that originally came out on a competing system which were ported to your system in a way that left you wishing for death to the programmers or project managers who botched the hell out of the game you waited to play for so long.
In the old days the Atari 2600 had a port of Pac-Man. To this day, if I met who was responsible for that abomination I'd (to this day) give them the finger. Especially since Ms. Pac-Man was much more faithful to it's arcade counterpart.
Recent times saw the first version of Madden for the PS3 running around 25 frames per second. No, it's not always the fault of the system you're playing on; it's the crap job the company of the game title did that left you saying, "I paid $50 plus dollars for this?!?!?"
This site has a list of ports that truly sucked. It's a trip down memory lane of rushed titles and programming incompetence.
I want to see your most hated ports here on Cowbell Tech. Let the venom flow free!!!


Nelson said...

Any game that has the name "Star Trek" has to be on this list!!!

Anonymous said...