Monday, June 15, 2009

Might be my next keyboard


iConnect Media Keyboard

Dock your iPod or iPhone in the keyboard and easily transfer music, photos, videos, applications and more with iTunes. The built-in dock has a cover which slides flat on the keyboard when it's not in use to maintain the keyboard's stylish and sleek design.

Illuminated touch sensitive media keys allow you to shuffle your playlist and control your media with a glide of a finger.

2 rotating USB 2.0 ports offer quick and easy access for connecting digital cameras, printers, thumb drives, mice and more.

The rubberized wrist rest allows you to work or play in complete comfort.

Also available for the Mac

[via ihome]


Anonymous said...

That keyboard got a purty mouth uhuh....


Ok, now I've scared myself....

Malcolm said...

Fred my man.

You may have some issues.


Anonymous said...

I love how plural the word "issues" is.

Yep, I a chalk full of them!!!