Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Disturbing: Any Town Nuked.. What Would Happen???

This picture shows the thermal blast radius if a 1952 hydrogen bomb were dropped on the city of Chicago derived from an application called (Click Here >>> Ground Zero II ). I picked this because this is my home city. This picture doesn't include the pressure wave or the fallout; but what's amazing about this site (Ground Zero II) is it allows you to click on the pressure map or fallout map. It even lets you pick wind speed!

That's not all, you can pick a bomb for ANY city in the world. Further, you can pick amongst many bomb types; from the smallest of suitcase dirty bombs, little boy or fat boy (the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan)to the kind of bombs North Korea is testing all the way up to the largest bomb ever tested, the Russian Tsar Bomba. (a 50 megaton tested by the USSR in 1961)

You can even put in the wind speed to calculate fallout.

They also include a massive asteroid impact.

Hat's off to Carlos Labs for creating this fascinating yet disturbing application.

(note - to use, just type your towns name, or type any town in the world, you then can click on the pressure tab to see what area the explosion would ruin as opposed to just what was incinerated, and if you can select the Fallout Tab to calculate the wind speed and direction for the radiation. Also, since this application is built on Google Maps, you can move around, zoom in or zoom out to see more detailed information.)

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