Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally!!! Tuneup For iTunes Gets Your PC Music House In Order

One of the most frustrating parts of having a lot of music that you’ve collected over the years is that iTunes can’t always identify the mish-mash of nameless tracks. So you have gaps in your album cover flow, songs out of alphabetical order, and general chaos. Now if you’re a Mac owner you really don’t have anything to worry about, because there are lots of applications that can help you with this.

But for PC owners you’re SOL……. Until now.

Tuneup for iTunes is just what the doctor ordered for all of those missing album art covers and mislabeled song names. The service is web based and will clean up the first 100 songs for free, or you can get the unlimited package for $19.95 a year, or the lifetime subscription for $29.99. The thing that I love about it is that it has an automatic mode that will comb through your music and fix the missing tracks information. If you have a lot of music, this is a great feature!

I get the feeling that a lifetime subscription is not the way to go, as once you do a major clean up; you shouldn’t need this very much. But I think it is certainly worth the year subscription to get your music house in order.

Crunchgear has a sweet review of the application, and it’s worth the read.

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Malcolm said...

LOL, I was just about to post this one. Been giving it a try. I might have to take the plunge and purchase it. I'm a little anal with naming my songs and I mistakenly added a whole bunch from an old drive that I had previously not cleaned up and its been driving me crazy.