Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zero Punctuation / Unskippable crossover

Well, this weeks Zero Punctuation is one of his funniest yet.  I’m glad they did this little crossover with Unskippable, because this seems like a funny concept.  It’s kind of like the MST3K of video game cinematics.

And as usual they are very NSFW.

Unskippable makes fun of bad game cinematics so you don't have to. Created by the minds behind Watch a new Unskippable every Monday only at The Escapist.

Yahtzee is a British-born, currently Australian-based writer and gamer with a sweet hat and a chip on his shoulder. When he isn't talking very fast into a headset mic he also designs freeware adventure games and writes the back page column for PC Gamer, who are too important to mention us. His personal site is

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