Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Xbox 360 Elite Bundle

Today, Microsoft revealed a new Xbox 360 Elite bundle headed to store shelves this May. The Xbox 360 Game of the Year bundle includes the little-known online shooter called Halo 3 and Joystiq's 2008 game of the year pick, Fable II. The M-rated bundle is priced at $399, making the two million-plus unit selling pack-in titles free of charge.
Those of you keeping score at home will remember rumors of an elite bundle, which was set to include the two Microsoft Game Studios powerhouse titles, had been floating around the web earlier this month. Microsoft, continuing a long history of totally being able to keep a secret, confirmed the bundle today via Major Nelson's blog.
Update: Major Nelson has clarified this bundle will be available in all regions where Xbox 360 is sold, except those in Europe.

Now I’m wondering, is this the first console to come bundled with M rated games?  I don’t remember any other system that did.

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