Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Government is gonna get theirs

If anyone has ever actually looked at their cell phone bill, you know that somehow, some way, they are trying to screw and confuse you.  Looks like the government is adding to it as well.  The New York Post had a recent article that found that “Eleven federal, state and city levies add as much as 33 percent to the cost of New Yorkers' cell phones, a Post analysis found.”

Now mind you that most plans probably have only around 22% taxes added, so it is a little sensationalized.  Wait…what!!!! Twenty-two percent taxes on a service???  Last I checked most services were not taxed.  And almost one quarter, that is just ridiculous.  But at least it’s going towards fixing roads, building schools, funding 911 emergency.  Wait…what!!! Only a small percentage of the per month 911 charge actually goes to it???  I think I smell something rotten.

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Nelson said...

We've been getting taken all this time for a long while now. When will people start protesting the BS that they continue to hit us with? They're still trying to get every dime they can from us.