Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Apple TV + Boxee- A match made in heaven!

So with a surplus of gift certificates, I finally decided to make my guilty pleasure purchase: the Apple TV. And it was only purchased due to the fact that Boxee now exists.

For those of you unaware of boxee, it is based on the XBMC platform. It runs along side the Apple TV (or Mac OS, or Ubuntu) allowing you to stream from multiple sources on the internet. So when combined, I have the ability to view full episodes from Hulu on my big screen TV. Why the Apple TV? Because for the cost ($200) it's the cheapest media center I can find. The downfall to it is the processor and memory of the box (1Ghz and 256MB) but that hasn't been an issue so far.

And it's easy to hack. Software hacks, hard drive increases, etc. It even comes with a bit torrent client on it! So you can download your shows from RSS sites!

Fantastic purchase!


Malcolm said...

Once you get Boxee up an running on it, you need to post a how to. Kevin has an Apple TV just chillin out right now.

Matt C said...

Really you just follow the directions at http://wiki.boxee.tv to do so. It'll point you to where to download the app and everything!