Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Safari 4 Beta Now Available

Some of us seriously like to use multiple browsers for different reasons. I myself mainly use Firefox, but will use Chrome, Safari and if worse comes to worse, Internet Explorer. But it looks like Safari is doing its best to move up the charts with their latest beta release. Safari 4 is now available for download, and it comes with some hot improvements. The download requires a security (2009-01), but once that’s done you’re ready to rock and roll. Check the bullet points:

• Javascript runs 4X faster.
• Cover Flow browsing for bookmarks
• Full History search (all the pages you’ve visited with the titles, URS, ect.)
• Top Sites (Visually shows all your most visited websites on one page)
Well it looks like Apple is trying to give you a reason to come back to Safari. Now if they can just develop an incognito mode ;-)


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