Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wii Hack Coming Soon For Region-Free Gaming

I know that we have a lot of true gamers who read this blog, but this post is directed at the other group.... the Nintendo Wii owners.

Apparently the few of you who know that you can play games online are annoyed that the Wii is not a region-free console. True gamers know that region-free consoles can play with other users outside of their country. PS3 is 100% region-free and the Xbox 360 is about 50-70% free, but the Wii...... Nothing.

Well the people in the DCEmu community are working on a chip-free hack that will allow all the moms, grandparents, and the elderly to play region-free Wii games. It's called the Homebrew channel, and it will support region-free gaming and channels. It's not available yet, but they did post a video of what they have for your viewing plesure.


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