Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pioneer Announces 500GB Blu-Ray Discs

Boy Pioneer is doing their best to make Blu-Ray a viable commodity, by announcing plans for a 500GB 16 layer optical disc that's Blu-Ray compatible. The discs are still under development, and Pioneer says that it could be up to 4 years before the 500GB units are available.

Check the quote from Brendan Sheridan, who is the division product manager at Pioneer:

"While Blu-ray discs, offering both 25GB and 50GB, are sufficient for users’ current demands, we envision the need for a technology that can support far greater capacities as HD streaming in particular becomes commonplace and users build larger files of digital content. The multi-layered method is compatible with Blu-ray devices providing a long term future for the technology and is more easily produced when compared to competing technologies such as holographic storage."

Perhaps I will get some use out of mt PS3 after all.


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