Monday, June 30, 2008

Sony Conducting "Hancock" Experiment

Now how cool is this!!!

If you own a Sony Bravia set with a Web connection and you want to check out the new Will Smith movie 'Hancock', Sony is hookin you up. From G4TV:

"In an industry first, Sony Pictures’ new flick Hancock, out this Wednesday and starring the Fresh Prince himself, will be available over the Internet to be directly fed to viewers’ television sets after its theater run...IF they own a Sony Bravia TV that is.

BEFORE it hits DVD!

And if this plan turns out to be a successful one, many other Hollywood films will use a similar media path, insiders say.

Howard Stringer, the chief executive of Sony, mentioned the "Hancock experiment "as he discussed the company’s growth strategy for a roomful of analysts in Tokyo last week. He says movies streamed over the Internet directly to televisions, bypassing the longtime purveyors of content to the living room, cable and satellite companies, is the future. And Sony is all about the future, baby!

“The Internet is not only a great place to reach Web sites, but it’s also a great way to deliver conventional content,” says Sony Corporation of America executive vice president and chief financial officer Robert S. Wiesenthal. “And at the end of the day, it’s about getting entertainment back into the living room.”

“Ultimately, when all these devices are connected, you’ll be able to quite easily manage how you watch movies,” Stringer added. “This is us saying we want to be ahead of the curve rather than behind the curve.”

Now how kick ass is that?

Got me seriously considering getting a Sony Bravia.

[ via G4TV]

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Malcolm said...

Yay, my TV is compatible with the BRAVIA® Internet Video Link. Of course, don't know if the added expense is worth it or not, I'll have to do some research. As it is, I already have Tivo content, and Netflix. Plus I still have to upgrade my Tivo. Can only justify so much to the fiancee.