Friday, June 13, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 = Not the greatest thing ever

So the Sony fanboys have been hot to trot over the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. That this is going to be the game to justify spending $400 on the console. That this will show all the 360 fans the mistake.

Yeah, that was wrong.

Is the game beautiful? Stunning. But here's the rundown of the first 30-45 minutes of the game:
- 8 minute install
- 10 minute cut scene
- Take control, crawl under a transport
- 10 minute cut scene
- Run to the end of an ally
- 5 minute cut scene
-Run to another area
- 5 minute cut scene

Continually you run from point a to point b. You also have to do this quietly and try to not kill anyone. When you get to point b, you guessed it, cut scene. Even 1up is saying that the more you play, the more cut scenes you get.

And maybe it's Gears of War that spoiled me, but you cannot blind fire out of cover. I may not be doing it right, but so far when I press against an object, I can't fire my weapon. So instead, when I'm supposed to fight I am supposed to do it out in the open.

And I feel sorry for the saps, like me, that foolishly bought the collectors edition. $85 for total crap.


Malcolm said...

Yikes. I never really got into the Metal Gear series. I kinda played one of them, but never really liked stealth games. But I at least know to avoid this game since I hate games with too any cutscenes, ie Final Fantasy VII and above.

Nelson said...


And I was really looking forward to buying a game for my PS3. Well that sucks!! Is it really not worth buying?

I hope Star Wars force unleashed is worth buying for the PS3. Otherwise, it's more games for the 360.

Tyler said...

i actually think the long cut scenes were the creators thinking you'd need it after exploiting every little gadget you have. ultimately they probably thought you were gonna take your time and be patient through the first mission. especially if you have the difficulty set on normal (solid snake)or higher. After all they did say at the start of the game the first mission or, "Act", was a stealth mission. And stealth basically means "PATIENCE". Just puttin that out there for ya.

Nelson said...

That's an interesting take on that Tyler. I just know that this game was highly anticipated, and I would think they would move the first stealth mission a little further into the game. Why not start the game with some action, and later add those slower missions?

And do you really think 2 hours of cut scenes a good way to use Blu-Ray? I'd rather have 2 more hours of gaming than the cut scenes.

Malcolm said...

I have no problem with having "patience" when playing any game. The whole issue is when "playing" the game. If I wanted a bad movie, I'd watch Sci-Fi on weekends, not spend $60 to watch one. I understand that they have a story that they want to tell, but do you really need to have that much cut scene in any game?

Anonymous said...
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Tyler said...

oops wrong person down there, sorry.:)

Tyler said...

well they did want to give the players a lot of info on whats goin on. plus its been a long time since the 3rd game. its in the future, snake has an aging problem, vamp is back, liquid, raiden, and many more surprises. of course theres going to be a long story to that.

Matt C said...

Thats just it though, Tyler. The game feels more like a movie where all you are doing is bringing Snake to the next scene. I understand all about trying to tell a story...but that makes it a movie, not a game with all those cut scenes.

That said, the MGS series would make an excellent movie series.