Monday, May 12, 2008

Screen Shot Of 3G iphone?

One of the reasons that Lord Jobs said that he didn’t include 3G into the first gen iphone is because of issues with battery life. While I was hoping that the great magic Apple would have come up with a solution to the issue, it seems to still exist. If this screen shot is to be believed, it shows the option to toggle off the 3G settings in order to conserve battery life. I’m still hoping that Apple has improved the battery life on the new second gen iphone, so as to make this more of a convenience than a necessity.

Giving the user the option to turn off the 3G until it is needed has been the answer to other 3G capable phones. I just hope that Apple will figure out a way to make, battery life a non-issue.

Come on Apple…. Show me some of that “Think different” skills that you parade about!

[Chronic Productions via Crunchgear]

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Matt C said...

It's not the battery that's the problem, but the 3G chipset that it takes for cell phones. There's a reason you have to turn it off. The power consumption for a 3G chip is significantly higher.

Apple would have to get the chip makers to develop a lower power consuming 3G chip (much like they got Intel to make the lower power consuming processor for the MacBook Air). That's not something they develop in house.