Saturday, May 10, 2008

Microsoft: Sony Doesn't Keep Their Promises

I love it when game console makers have something negative to say about one another. Case in point is Microsoft's representative Aaron Greenberg, who says that Sony failed to keep their promises to gamers. He says that they failed to deliver the games promised to PS3 owners prior to the release of the console. He goes on to say that the online content, or the revolutionary "Home" that Sony has paraded about has not materialized.

Them's fight'n words!!!

Being an owner of both consoles, it's hard for me to dispute any of the claims that Greenberg makes. Although I do enjoy the PS3 and some of it's functionality, I mostly like it as a Blu-Ray player. Plain and simple, from top to bottom the Xbox 360 has the best games available. So far as the online content it's not even a contest, the 360 has the best online interaction in the business. And everytime I have to choose which console to buy a game on, it always seems to come down to the online gaming expirence; and that isn't a hard choice at all.

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