Wednesday, May 21, 2008

$6000 For Gold iphone: Recession? What Recession…

You always get the stories about stupid poor people (mostly because there are more of us around), but you rarely get the stupid rich people story. Well let’s change that starting with this gem by some unknown Ebay bidder, who won a gold plated iphone created by iCandyPhones for a mere $6000. The killer part about it is that there were over 69 bids on the thing, so there was more than one idiot out there with a lot of money. Now I’m curious that he or she didn’t what their name out there because of the ridicule that they would receive from their friends for such a stupid purchase.

I’ve never understood the reasoning for blinging out a gadget in the first place, even if I did have the money. I guess I’ve never felt enough like a douche bag to show the would that even my gadget has to be so different (and gaudy) from everyone else’s. Well the best part is that this moron bought a first gen iphone for 6K, and the second gen iphone is due out in about a month.

Oh well, if he’s paying $6000 for an iphone I’m sure he’s not worried about it.

[Ebay via Crave]

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