Friday, October 19, 2007

iPod Classic Has A Battery Bug?

This is rather interesting news about the battery bug in the iPod classic.

Some reports are that the new iPod classic owners are experiencing issues with the power consumption. Users are stating that after fully charging the iPod, they're receiving the "Please connect to a power source" message shortly after. Some think that it's due to the "cover flow" feature in the new iPod, while others think that it's due to leaving the clock display on when the music isn't playing. But most are saying that the problems hit when they upgraded to 1.02, which was to be the classic "fix.".

Some people are recommending that if you haven't upgraded to 1.02, you might want to sit on it for a while before upgrading. Others who have already taken the upgrade, can restart it to correct the issue or do what I would do, take it back for a replacement. I'm sure that Apple is aware of this and has something in the works to correct the problem.

But it still sucks non the less!!!

[Apple Support, iLounge Forums via Giz]

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