Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Transformer Fans Who Own Blu-Ray Players Rejoice

Guide: Convert HD-DVD To Blu-ray (works On PS3), No Loss Of Qual - video powered by Metacafe

My buddy Matt picked up a HD DVD player recently and I have to say it is glorious! The picture is fantastic and with the Transformers only coming out on HD DVD, it had me slowly thinking about picking a side on this HD format war.

Until these guys came along with a video on how to convert HD DVD's to Blu-Ray without loss of video quality what so ever, or having to re-code it. What I do find funny though is that the video that shows the steps, is a crappie looking video.

How ironic is that!

Video: HD-DVD exclusives converted to Blu-ray, playable on PS3 [QJ via Crunchgear]

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