Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tetris GOD!!!

OK, I know I love playing Tetris. And I consider myself pretty good at the game despite never actually owning it on any console or handheld. The times I've borrowed it was the only time I played. But before anyone else ever says they have l33t skillz at Tetris, play this video and bow to your master.

And to all you cynics out there, just notice the timer that is at the bottom middle and notice that it stays constant.

The whole story is at


Kalamaf said...

I refuse to believe that unless I see it live. The fact that they're showing his hands in the second player window on the video already indicates that it's been edited, the clock could have been changed as well.

Malcolm said...

Check out

They have a little video of him playing the exact same way on the DS. The player he is playing even comments.