Thursday, September 27, 2007

iTunes Update: May Not Brick iphone After All

The new iTunes 1.1.1 is out and available for download, with the new firmware update that Apple claims will brick your unlocked iphone. Well the guys at the Giz are working with The Dev Team to see if the firmware update actually does brick unlocked iphones. So if you do happen to have an unlocked iphone, DO NOT update your iTunes, sit tight until the guys at Giz finsh their testing. Here is a recap from them:

• The update will work ok in iPhones with no modification.
• The update will work ok in iPhones with (although it gets wiped out. The apps seem to remain in the iPhone, but they won't appear in your screen.)
• The update will work ok in unlocked iPhones, but it will return your iPhone to the activation screen. From there, no activation is possible. The iPhone doesn't get bricked but, if you want to keep using it, don't update your iPhone.


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