Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disclaimer On Best Buy's Intranet Site: So We Can Continue To Rip You Off

I have a love hate relationship with Best Buy. I love all there gadgety goodness, but I absolutely hate how they try to rip you off if you're not paying attention. Best Buy was recently sued because their secret in-store intranet site prices were always higher than their Internet website. Both sites look identical, but the internal website never had the sale prices or the discounts that the Internet based site had.

So after getting sued for this, how does the company respond?

They attach a warning label to all of their in store computer kiosk, letting you know that they might rip you off. The label would read "THIS KIOSK DISPLAYS IN-STORE PRICES - WHICH MAY DIFFER FROM NATIONAL INTERNET PRICES". So instead of doing the right thing by just matching their internal sites prices with their Internet prices, they figure out a way to continue to rip off the ignorant.

I'm sure some rat bastard got a raise and a pat on the back for figuring out this work around!


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Anonymous said...

I certainly understand the Love/Hate relationship with Best Buy. Lately I've been hitting Fry's; but i have bought lots of gadgets and even appliances at Best Buy. Really, I can't complain.

Regardless, a word to the wise is when buying anything pricey, check as many places that you can including a stores web site as well as their location before committing your hard earned dollars.