Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Apple commercials

From our friends at Techeblog.

Apple released two new commercials for the 'I'm a Mac and I'm a PC' campaign. I know that I'm not the biggest Apple fan but most of the commercials have been at least entertaining. I think these fall a little short.

Check it out here.

Might be time to try something new Apple!!!


Mike Haske said...

I'm even growing tired of this campaign. The only one that I really liked was the webcam-taped-to-the-guy's-head spot.

Anonymous said...

In about the most dyslexic thing from technology that I've just gotta say. I love the Geico cavemen. Every time a new couple of commercials come out (they always come in two's) we see them and the subtle message I always think of... Have we really come so far? I don't think so. My wife married me despite my sasquatch like hairyness. I am a caveman. Viva le Caveman!!!!